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  3. Now that we are on the final stage of the bug fixing all players that are ingame must remain in character and no stupid shit. If you are wanting a business there will be a guideline to follow along with a limit of how many and it will only go to active players. We will be changing some stuff around so not just anyone can get a business key in the server. I have noticed that almost every house is bought in server and I can guarantee it’s not alot if players. Please limit to one house. I will be clearing the database out soon so if you bought a house then you need to make a ticket of which one you want to keep. Failure to do so will result in the player loosing the money. Again. Remain in character at all times and no meta gaming in general chat. If you want to find out where a certain player is then you need to find out in character in the server. Happy RPing
  4. Want to have a chance to chat with the Developers and find out whats going on? You have the chance. We will have an informal q&a for all Members Join our discord https://discord.com/events/945069360546983966/976253184056098866
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