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  • Introduction

    The Los Santos Police Department is a highly decorated police department that has served the community for over 100 years and continues to serve the population of 3.9 Million. We strive to continue to deliver excellence and protect the citizens of Los Santos with Integrity, Professionalism, and Honor. Our main focus and target areas are within the city limits of Los Santos. This Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) document will highlight the procedures you are to follow while being under oath with the Los Santos Police Department. All information included in the Standards Operating Procedures (SOP) are classified and are not to be shared with any other agency, or department. Strict guidelines that are not properly executed and/or demonstrated properly will entitle consequences with certain actions. Please be careful and advise your chain of command if you are unsure of anything stated in the Standards Operating Procedure (SOP). Welcome to the LSPD

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  • Code of Ethics

    The Los Santos Police Department  has adopted the following Code of Ethics. All Los Santos Police Officers will swear to this Code of Ethics upon acceptance at the Los Santos Police Department:

    As an Officer employed by the City of Los Santos and the Los Santos Police Department, you recognize that you are given special trust and confidence by the Chief of Police and public that you serve. This trust and confidence is your bond to ensure that you are held to the highest professional standards. In furtherance of this bond, you will hereby abide by the following; 

    “You ensure that in the performance of your duties you will administer and enforce the law in accordance with the principles of the San Andreas State Penal Code. You ensure the people’s rights and Due Process will be guaranteed to all;

    You shall demonstrate standards of behavior in accordance with the responsibilities, duties, obligations, and commitments of all Officers, to ensure a proper example of standards is set for all to follow;

    You  adhere to the standards and principles of honesty and integrity at all times, leaving your personal life unsullied or untainted as an example for all to follow;

    You  ensure there is proper personal accountability and responsibility for all property and persons entrusted within your care;

    You shall practice discretion and logical judgements and decisions to aid the fulfillment of the responsibilities and duties of your position as law enforcement;

    You shall accept all responsibilities, duties, obligations, commitments, and will hereby adhere to this Code of Ethics. 

    You agree that if you violate these Code of Ethics, you will be terminated from your employment with LSPD.

    Do you agree ?”

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